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Dear Friend,

We here at Foundation Ministries would like to share a few thoughts with you about your future.

Do you realize what is going on in the world today? Crazy, isn't it?  Have you been able to make any sense out of all the bad and scary news we all see and hear?  Do you think there is any hope for the future of mankind? Some say that we will get over all of this, and life will go on as it has for centuries.


There are astronomical events occurring that are increasingly evident. We've had numerable natural disasters like hurricanes, volcanoes and floods…. we are still not over hurricane Katrina and it has been years!  Do you remember Katrina?  Do you remember the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Fiji, and New Zealand?  What about volcanoes in Iceland and Indonesia, and the floods in Pakistan? Then man-made disasters like the Gulf oil spill and the nuclear meltdowns in Japan. The earthquakes in Japan, US, and the Phillipines are some of the many signs that we are told to watch for in these last days.

Will the politicians get us out of this?  Well, how do you think they are doing so far? Debt we will never be able to pay off; we are facing bankruptcy, I do not believe that I need to say anymore. Let's face it, as America goes, so goes the world.

Will your favorite athletes, actors or music stars get us out of this? They are too busy caring about themselves to help anyone else.

The point here is that people are not the answer. People have messed up so badly that we are now at the time that we will have to make a very important decision.

Who will you put your trust in?

Jesus Christ (YAHSHUA) is the Answer. As all of this bad news keeps you up at night, we have our security in Jesus. The Bible says that we have all sinned. The Bible also says that sinners do not go to Heaven.  God gave humans the Ten Commandments as the rules to live by, and to show us that we are sinners. We have all lied, or stolen something in our lives. We have used the Lord's name in vain, and that is blasphemy. All of these sins condemn us to hell. BUT, Jesus (YAHSHUA) sacrificed Himself for us. His death on the cross was for you. He allowed Himself to be put to death by the most horrible means known at that time, so YOU will have the opportunity to go to Heaven someday. What you must do to go to Heaven is to repent of all of your sins, ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior, stop your sinful way of life, and start living a life that God approves of. Think about this long and hard. This could save your life.

Start out your new life in Jesus by praying something like this.  Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Please forgive me of my sins. I repent of all I have done wrong in my life. I ask you to be my Savior. I will live my life for you, a life that is acceptable to you. Lord God, all of this I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

CONGRATULATIONS! If you really meant what you just prayed, you are now saved and on your way to Heaven.  Now you are a born again believer! Living a life acceptable to God has great rewards in Heaven.

Now that you have made your decision to follow Jesus, you will need direction. The videos to the right of this page will be helpful in showing you what to do next.

Foundation Ministries does not recommend church organizations. Because of what we have seen, heard and been involved in; we do not go to a church building.  You might want to start attending a non- denominational church, which says they only teach the Bible. This will give you the basic teaching. Just walk into any church like that and sit down. You might want to take a King James Bible with you, only because most preachers use the King James, and it will be easier for you to follow along.  In a very short time, maybe the first couple of visits, someone should approach you. They will try to interest  you in joining their church.  Pray that the Holy Spirit Leads you.  You are not obligated in any way to join any church organization.  Just learn from the Word being preached. Then when you have an idea about all you are doing, then you can help others. Do not rush. You really do need to know a few things before you jump into witnessing.

The only thing that really matters is what is in your heart, nothing else. If you believe in Jesus, and that He is your Savior, and you are living a life acceptable to Him, you are His little brother or little sister; you are His precious child. He is now your King, your Daddy, your best Friend! Jesus is looking forward to you being with Him in Heaven.  We here at Foundation Ministries are looking forward to meeting up with you in Heaven.

We continue to pray for all of those who visit our website. Share this link with someone else to help them. Please watch the videos on the side. Time is running out, Jesus will be coming back soon. You want to be on His side when He returns.

May God bless you. We pray all the best for you.
We are serious, born again believers who love the Lord and strive to obey Him.  We are not hypocrites, telling you how wrong you are when they do wrong things themselves. We do not condone watching TV preachers, who tell you how to get rich by giving to their ministries.  We are just regular folk that if you ever saw us you would not notice. Just like Jesus, we try to lead people to everlasting life by sharing the Truth and giving answers. We quote the Bible as we are Lead, to direct and instruct. 

 We believe that the church is when true believers are gathered together. Today, there seem to be many places called "church" that are nothing more than social clubs, more interested in making money than sharing the gospel. We have, in the past, attended places like these and saw - what the Bible calls: bad fruits. The Holy Spirit is our True Teacher. Ask Him for wisdom. If you will ask Him and allow Him to Teach and Guide you into all Truth, He will.

Our point is that you need a personal relationship with Jesus NOW. Do not put this off for another time. Your time could end two minutes from now.  JESUS IS EVERYTHING! He is our  Blessed Hope, our Savior, our Big Brother, and He is coming back for us!

You will notice that we do not give anyone the opportunity to donate. We pay for everything ourselves. We are not asking anything from anyone here - but for you to ask Jesus Christ into your life. You can be confident that we are well meaning born again believers who only want the very best for your future (especially eternity) no strings attached. We run our ministry so you know it is Jesus, and only Jesus.

Make your decision for Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins and ask Him for forgiveness, and then live your life acceptable to God.

May God bless you.
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